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Stamp High Polished Lapel Pin

Brass Soft Enamel

Stamp High Polished

Die Struck is Stamped process made without enamel color and are manufactured similarly as hard & soft enamel products, only difference is that there is no color filled. Raised metal is polished to have shiny distinguished look, recessed metal has texture or sandblasting to have matt finish looking. For the classic, timeless look in a high quality products, stamped/ die struck without coloring lapel pins are the perfect choice. Iron pins are the cheapest and best option for campaigns or events.

Specifications :-

  • Materials: Bronze, Copper, Iron, Aluminum
  • Motifs: Die Struck (Stamping)
  • Colors: no color
  • Finishing: Shiny gold/ silver/ nickel/ copper/ bronze, black nickel, antique gold/ silver/ nickel/ copper/ bronze, satin gold/ silver/ nickel
  • Common Attachment Options: Spur Nail & Metal Butterfly clutch, flat head tie tack, deluxe tie tack, safety pin, magnet, stick pin w/end, tie tack with chain
  • Packing: 1pc/ poly bag, or according to customer’s request

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